mind powers

Review :

I LOVED this book!!!!!!

I loved the author's self-deprecating humor, his anecdotes, and his nerdiness. I loved the subject matter. What a great read!!!!!

Stone was a physics guy- working on a PhD at Columbia - and thought that magic would make him less nerdy. He learns, buys, and creates magic tricks, and eventually competes in the Magic Olympics. Who would have thought such a forum existed Or that there are over 100 magic conventions each year The reader doesn't exactly learn the "secrets" of magic tricks, but is definitely more aware of the basics. Is there anyone who hasn't been awed by magic I think I became more impressed with all the work that goes into performing magic after reading this book!

I loved the thought that "magic toys with the limits of perception." As much as the physical senses tell us that something "impossible" is happening, we know that somehow, we are really just being tricked. And expectation plays a pivotal role in what we "see".

Stone quotes a magician who said, "Usually when we're fooled, the mind hasn't made a mistake. It's come to the wrong conclusion for the right reason."

I learned that it has been proven that you need to shuffle a deck 7 times to fully mix up the cards. And in the 1950's, the CIA hired a magician to train spies in the art of deception!

Stone also contacted the author off Moonwalking with Einstein (another book I loved) to teach him how to memorize a deck of cards. It amazed me how much time and money are spent by magicians to perform so flawlessly. When Stone finally meets a woman almost by accident, I am definitely rooting for that relationship to be a success. I only wish I could see Stone perform some of the tricks he talks about. Who doesn't want to be amazed

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