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Review :

Robert Ringer is my favorite self-help author alongside Mark Manson. Looking Out for No. 1 is my favorite self-help book, and I looked forward to his more mature work.

This book didn't disappoint. It was less abrasive than Looking, but was just as insightful. The foundation of the habits is the reality habit, which is the recognition of reality not as what one wishes it to be, but as it is.

It contains a lot of germane anecdotes that remain useful: "The wise person works hard at learning through the experience of others, because he has a sincere appreciation for the efficiency of such a sound habit."

Other salient points in the book are:

1) Attitude is sometimes the only necessary thing in coping with this world. It is the last human freedom - everything else can be taken from man except his attitude towards life.

2) Most of the shit we experience in this life are insignificant in the grand scheme of things. Life isn't life without problems, but very few problems are catastrophic. Is your heart broken Feel the pain, and live one day at a time afterward.

3) Live as close as possible to the morals you believe in. That is integrity, and flouting it will entail consequences. Don't lie.

4) Be good to people, but remove toxic people from your life.

5) "Every exception a person makes brings him closer to a life where the exception becomes the rule, util life itself becomes one big exception." Self-discipline is a daily struggle with consistency and laziness.

6) After everything's thought of, act.

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