Metaphysical Bible Dictionary Charles Fillmore

Review :

My first thought when reading this book was, "my mind is blown!" but then I realized that wasn't true - indeed, my mind had been awakened. A student of metaphysics, the concepts in this book were neither foreign nor confusing to me. This book took my knowledge of metaphysics to an even deeper understanding. It opened my eyes to what my mind knew all along intuitively - that there was so much more to the Bible than traditional, fundamentalist thinking led to believe. It was as though with this book my search came to treasure. This book is certainly a treasure and I can see why it is referred to as Filmore's crowning achievement. I will read this book until the pages fall out and then buy another. I'm buying my husband his own copy. This book has also taken my thesis research to an entirely different level of depth.

I've read reviews about the binding of the book. It is basically a print on demand style book but I would encourage the proverbial "don't judge a book by its cover" on this one. The proof of it's worth is achieved through its contents.

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