Review :

this book is bordering mysticism. However, that could well be that we are not prepared to accept 'new truths'. I feel such 'lessons' do require the presence of qualified teachers which then make such knowledge more tacit in nature.

the easiest d.i.y. from the book is probably understanding our subconscious mind by:
(1) giving him/her a name
(2) having internal dialogues with him/her to pull out good and bad memories so that we are aware of any limiting beliefs we have (i.e. on the latter).

29 Oct 2015
p/s: I just 'felt' like re-reading the book, which I did. It opened my mind to accept things which I have not considered previously. It basically talks about the 'different parts' of our mind, i.e. the subconscious mind, the conscious mind, the superconscious mind, aka, mana. And how understanding each is important. This leads me to investigate 'chi' or 'qi' or 'mana' as the term is also known. It appears to border mysticism, HOWEVER, it reconciles some mysteries/initial questions that I have about our mind and its nature. Am excited and am investigating this further. Hope that this exercise is fruitful

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