Marilyn Her Life In Her Own Words Marilyn Monroe's Revealing Last Words and Photographs

Review :

This is a great book on Marilyn, one of the best-my favorite, and as a huge MM fan, I have read a lot. It gives insight to the woman behind the legend; the human begin the myth. It shows how kind and witty of a person she was and what her real personality was like, not the Dumb Blonde persona she played so well on the screen. She was a strong, hard working, humble, inspirational woman that of course had her problems, just like everyone else. Too often, people forget that Marilyn was a real person. She actually lived and breathed, laughed and cried, and went through a lot of difficulties and hardship, from her childhood to the scary world of Hollywood.

George Barris managed to capture some magical photos of the world's most famous woman, many of which have become the most famous of her photographs. But beyond the beautiful images, he managed to capture the woman herself. Him and Marilyn became friends and he is one of the very few people that truly respected her. Just reading this, you can tell that he speaks about her with love and respect. He shows that what everyone else chose to see of Marilyn was not all there was to be seen.

This is one of the BEST Marilyn Monroe books you can find, and I recommend every Marilyn fan, everyone interested in her at all to read this. Make it one of the first books you read about her, along with "My Story".

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