Map of the Heart

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Actual Rating: 4.5 Stars - Top Pick!

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Heartbreakingly beautiful, Map of the Heart was another captivating piece of fiction from Susan Wiggs. A dual storyline set in WWII-era France and then in Bethany Bay, Delaware in the present time, we followed two couples who each faced serious challenges and seemingly insurmountable odds.

Susan Wiggs is one of my go-to authors for women's fiction/chick lit. She always writes a heartfelt story and also frequently incorporates historical elements that add another layer to her character's lives. In this case, we moved back and forth between the 1940s and modern day. Now I will say that the portions of the book set during WWII-Lisette's journey-were tragic and rather bleak at times as you would expect, but they still had some wonderful moments of joy and hope as she fell in love and helped fight back against Germany in her own way. Read More

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