Review :

This was a wonderful read. I will caveat that there may be some points that will be offensive to some readers- they were to me. This might be expected given the range of writers involved in the creation of the book. I still think overall that Behance/99u put together a great book of tips and tricks for not just creative folks but for just about anyone who has to live, work, and play. The tips do range from simple to somewhat esoteric and as much profound advice is, sometimes obvious- at least after you read it. You will find yourself noticing the fallbacks that the authors mention and will likely agree with most of their recommendations. You will undoubtedly disagree with some of the recommendations maybe even the metaphors used to make the points, but please don't throw out the baby with the bath water, this really is a very helpful book and in a great piece by piece format to allow you to read at once or even go through an article at a time and try to implement some changes to your work and life habits.

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