Man, Economy, and State With Power and Market (Scholar's Edition, 2nd Edition)

Review :

This book essentially contains the entire discipline of economics, the way it would be taught in a sane and rational world. In Man, Economy, and State, Rothbard builds an impenetrable case for the market economy, from the most basic axiom of purposeful human action to its furthest implications in all types of human interaction. In the appended Power and Market, he demonstrates the destructive nature of political power, and delivers a crushing blow to statism in all its forms.

Rothbard's style is straightforward, imaginative, and clear; a refreshing change from the dryly academic style in which the science of economics is generally presented. In writing this treatise the author assumes nothing of the reader, except that he or she is intellegent and eager to learn.

This book is essential for anyone who is interested in the pursuit of truth, particularly within the study of economics; but most of all to those who want to know the nature of freedom, and who oppose the engines of political tyranny that have for so long dominated academia.

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