Review :

This is the perfect book on brain health and how essential it is to optimizing our health and living to our full potential. I will be reading this book over and over for sometime. Applying a new tip to my life each time. I will be recommending this book to all my friends as I want them to all live happy, healthy lives and the tips in here can help them do this.

I've read all of Dr. Amen's books and each seem to get better than the last. So far, this and his Brain Warrior book are my favorites. The Brain Warrior Cookbook that he wrote with his wife is also fantastic. I want to try all of the recipes in it and plan to do so over time. Also, they have free YouTube videos on health and recipes.

I told my husband I want this book in every available format - cd, book, and download. :)

If I had money I would go visit Dr. Amen myself but I can only imagine how expensive such a visit would be being that he is so renowned. I will be happy with the advice from his books which is all pretty similar, so I think it's safe to say, is probably similar to the advice he would give me in person.

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