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Get Balanced, Get Blissed is full of interesting and eye opening information on what is harmful in most of our everyday lives and how adopting a plant based diet can have huge impact on keeping you healthy. I found the information on cancer and heart disease really intriguing; the author collects data showing how countries and regions that have more plant based, whole food diets have drastically lower deaths from both of these issues. She shows how you can get all of the vitamins etc that your body needs with plant based diet. She also teaches new ways to be more optimistic and stronger mentally and I thought her ideas were things I could really do. She does a good job of making her ideas accessible, I felt like I actually understood her ideas on meditation, on how to get the most out of it. I also really liked that she frames all of her advice around how she came to this lifestyle herself, her story is so relatable and made me feel like I could make these changes too.

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