Love Lost, Love Found A Woman's Guide to Letting Go of the Past and Finding New Love

Review :

"All women should be given the chance to fall in love again, but in order to do so, their journey should start by looking in the mirror. This book allows women to recognize their full potential from a holistic standpoint and embraces the beauty behind each and every woman."- Amy Andersen, founder and CEO of Linx Dating

"Breakups can lead to breakthroughs, but not unless we make self-honoring decisions and seek healthy guidance. This book is an incredible dose of medicine to the soul of any woman going through heartache. Tatiana's mix of straight talk and loving, wise support empowers a woman to heal, move forward with her life, rediscover who she truly is, and fall in love again." - Christine Hassler, bestselling author of Overcoming Expectation Hangovers: How to Leverage Disappointment Into Ultimate Fulfillment and 20-Something, 20-Everything: A Quarter-Life Woman's Guide to Balance and Direction

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