Live Laugh Lagom Enough Is E

Review :

Having Swedish ancestry and a grand-father who was from Sweden, I was intrigued by this book, but really it is for everyone. Just this summer, while visiting Sweden and my relatives for the first time, they mentioned 'lagom' is very important to Swedes. Lola reviews Lagom in various facets of Swedish culture from food (eating healthy and ethically) to fashion and interior design (simple and not standing out), quiet but to the point in speech, practicality in money matters, health/relaxation and being able to say 'no.' Lagom covers recycling and reuse, spending time outdoors, being self-sufficient and not relying on others (even in relationships), being team players, not bragging or acting better than others (jante), sharing power, and being environmentally conscious. All of these things relate to 'lagom.'Lagom is a bit 'Buddhist' in the view of living simple and 'not too much, not too little.' Lagom teaches to always try to improve and better oneself, declutter, and simplify. Lola sums up each chapter with things we can do in our own lives to practice 'lagom' in whatever culture we live in. Lagom is a balance between individuality and society responsibility. As well as tips, Lola includes lovely color photographs of Swedish society. Highly recommended.

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