Little Girls Tell Tales - Rachel Bennett

Review :

The beginning starts out with Rosalie following her brother and friend into the Bogs, then she somehow gets turned around and lost. While she is trying to find her way out she stumbles across a skeleton. Scared she finally finds her way out but no matter how hard they look or how many people look they couldn't fine the bones. Many assume she made the whole thing up or imagined the bones bc she was scared.
Flash forward to twenty years later Rosalie still recovering after the death of her wife receives an unexpected visit from Her brother and Cora. Cora believes the bones Rosalie found are actually her sisters who went missing years ago. So trying to find the bones Rosalie and Cora open a huge can of worms and they do not know how far some people will go to keep things hidden! Great story. It was slow building but definitely hard to put down at the end of it! Definitely recommend!!

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