Lisa Lutz - The Passenger

Review :

OMG! This book is amazing. I read it in one day.

This review was done by KissinBlueKaren

Right away I became hooked on this book. This was an awesome read because of the style of the writing, the locations, the characters we meet, the thoughts of the main character, and, most of all, the mystery of how we got here.

Our main character is shedding her identity, again. In the beginning Tanya's husband has just fallen down the stairs and dies. She has to get out before someone questions her and finds out who she really is. She is not the girl everyone thinks she is. Thank God, she hated being Tanya. Tanya Amelia seems doomed from the start until she meets a girl named Blue. Blue is not who she says she is either. They become fast friends and switch identities. Now Tanya Amelia Debra is going to start over. Debra has a real shot at a good life. Unless of course Debra's ghosts come back to find her, too.

Actually, my little summary there just covered the first few chapters. I don't want to give away the whole story. This story is so much more, and this girl, our protagonist, takes us all over the country inventing herself. To say this is fast paced is almost an understatement. This book is one hell of a ride!

This is such a fun read. Don't worry about the identity swaps, we stay in first person the whole story through. It doesn't matter what she is called, the fact is that she is NOT who she says she is. The author doesn't reveal why until very late in the book. The whole time I was wondering how bad she could really be. The fact is that the main character in this story is a good girl, with some really fucked up things happening to her. At no time in this story did I get frustrated with her. She did what she had to do.

The story takes us all over remote America, mostly small towns, where you can still pay cash for a hotel. As the main character goes from person to person she changes. Our girl changes hair color, eye color, style, drink, and dialect. Through all of this, she has a chance run in with a cop she really likes. He is not going to just let her go. She holds onto and communicates with her first love. She rights a potential wrong. She stands up for herself. She gets told off by stranger. She is caught and let go accidentally. Then she throws in the towel and goes home, four long years after she decided to run away.

This story had me really wondering, aside from what the hell did this girl do, how hard it would be to just disappear. This was such a quick read, but left me completely sated. The Passenger is smart and phenomenally written. Once I started reading, there was no way I could put it down. Even the title was incredibly woven into the text. This was a great thriller.

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