Review :

I loved this book!!!! I am a coffee reader, but now I am craving tea and can't wait to get to a store that sells Gypsy Tea.

I love how this book was organized, each chapter starts with an explanantion of one of her teas. Not just any old description, this tells of how it was made and how it will make you feel. After that, Zhena Muzya goes on to tell a lesson she learned from creating this particular flavor.

This is a woman who has worked hard to build her brand. She started as a single mom to a sick baby and worked hard. I admore how her son was always with her in the process. She literally travels the world to find the best tea.

She also makes sure the tea workers are taken care of and treated well. She is the definition of fair trade. I am in such awe of this woman, she is my new hero.

I think every woman should read this to now what can be accomlished with hard work. I am going to buy a few copies to give as gifts with a tin of Gypsy tea to go with it.

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