Liars, Leakers, and Liberals T - Pirro, Jeanine

Review :

This is so amazing it will shock you. What is told in this book is truth, based on facts. The distinguished judge tells of facts, things she knows are true. If you are on the fence about which party to belong to, then read it. I was disgusted with our liars and leakers when I was done. I cant believe what people do in the name of greed. They will sell their mother which is scary to me. I was always considering myself to be liberal. I want women to have the right to choose and all that even if my Catholic religion is against it. I thought that WAS liberal but not until a few years ago. I think when the Uranium deal and emails came out, I educated myself because I couldn't believe what was going on. NOW I see things are spun in the media. Never before have I seen hosts of shows getting so enraged during an opening monologue. The way they spin things to make a headline is sad.

I was so happy to have read this and I just got her other books. Price is always an issue when you think what if it is awful Then what This is worth it. Wake up call to everyone for sure.

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