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I couldn't wait to read this upcoming novel, Fractured Tide, set to be released on May 5. I was "thrilled" to receive an advanced copy and dive right in! Thriller isn't the genre I'm generally drawn to, but this one might inspire me to read more YA thrillers. "Lost meets Stranger Things" hits the nail on the head for this one - a deserted island and top secret government experiments gone wrong. Fractured Tide is a Harper Collins "Blink" book, which means it's clean young adult fiction. One of the features of protagonists in this label is that they don't give up. Their attitudes are meant to inspire readers to be stronger and more confident no matter the situation. That is exactly what Sia, the protagonist, does. In spite of her fearless nature, she struggles with the idea of her painful experiences truly making her "kinda wonderful," but readers will leave inspired by her strength and confidence. I also love the references to other literature - The Tempest, Moby Dick, Lord of the Flies - and the underlying "If you like this, then read this" strategy. I loved this and look forward to telling others about it. Add this one to your summer reading list!

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