Larsen, Veronica - Reckless Touch

Review :

Amelia lives and breathes journalism. She's bored with the stories being given to her by the editor of the newspaper. So when a hot, career-changing story is nearly dumped into her lap, she can't help but go for it. She's driven. Focused. Looking to emerge from the shadows and make a name for herself. But that's when things start escalating. After being attacked in the parking garage at work, Amelia is convinced someone is stalking her. Someone is out to get her.

Enter Sebastian Reed. Super hot detective. He is on the case, but also starting to take over her thoughts and feelings. As they continue to work together to find out who is after Amelia (while Amelia hides her true intentions), the heat between them becomes unavoidable and undeniable.

I feel like I should warn readers that this isn't insta-love. This isn't simply a romance. There's an actual story taking place. A mystery to solve. There is a lot going on, a lot of questions that need answering. So for some, this may make the romance too slow, but for me, it was perfect and completely realistic. I mean, considering all that is taking place, I'd have laughed at the idea that a career-driven woman would be more concerned about screwing a cop than figuring out if the story she's chasing is having a direct effect on her personal life. This story takes place over the course of a few weeks, so it felt natural and reasonable for more of a slow-burn romantic aspect. Especially because of what Amelia is trying to uncover (and how)!

The mystery element was well done. I had my suspicion of the 'who' early on. My dilemma was trying to figure out the 'why' - which, I never did. So, kudos to Veronica for throwing in that! Never would have seen it coming. But I think one of the most important things was how she showed Amelia's breakdown after the attack. She is strong, but it affected her, as it should have. She questioned herself. She worried about her safety. It made you wonder if she'd break completely, or would she take charge and use it to her advantage.

The wrap-up was perfect. There are no loose ends, no questions left unanswered. As is the case with all books in this genre, you will get closure from the villain. The perpetrator thinks they won and spills the beans. The explanation is there and it makes sense. I definitely loved THAT since most often, people's complaints are that things are unresolved or they question why things happened. You will be fulfilled in all aspects.

Reckless Touch is another fabulous book crafted by the wildly talented Veronica Larsen. I am convinced she can write anything. She's been a refreshing breath of air in the romance genre, and once again slays with this new mystery-thriller/take on romantic suspense.

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