Kresley Cole - Sweet Ruin (Immortals After Dark 16)

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Despite all my resentment because of this book being about two absolutely new to the series characters...

...I freaking loved it.

Yes, this was basically a filler story. It was a respite in the whole Accession arc - the major players are all getting a bit of rest, it seems, and Nix, despite scheming and tugging strings to bring Rune and Jo together, seemed preoccupied with her mysterious plans.

But, I loved Jo and Rune, together and apart. After the latest IAD books, I missed kickass heroines like Sabine or Regin...Jo was just the thing I was looking for. Tough as nails, powerful and an all around unapologetic bad ass. I adored the hell out of her!

Rune was just as likable...a typical Kresley Cole bad boy, very sexy and very scared of any sort of commitment. I actually loved that part - Rune resisting the idea of a forever mate. All the more sweet when he finally gives in.

As to the rest - we get a whole fresh cast of characters!!! The Møriør are beyond awesome! But damn it, Kresley it not enough there are already about ten characters from the series whose stories I'be been craving for ages Now there are even more of them, and meanwhile, IAD books are released once a year, at best...

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Just saw the blurb... What. The. Hell. Rune and Josephine. Who are these people After 18 months of wait we get a freaking bridge story with totally new characters I can count at least ten beloved IAD characters whose stories I would have waited for with baited breath, and instead I get some 'sweet ruin' of two strangers Maybe (or most definitely) the story will be good, but I'm disappointed as hell.

Just sayin'.

Ummm...what's up with that title Sweet Ruin Really Did the publishers mix this up with Cole's contemporary erotica series

**is baffled**

So, the release date is the 31 of December, 2015! That makes it a year and 5 months gap between books 14 and 15! And there's no mention of the Dacian series... there was supposed to be released 2 IAD books a year, and now there isn't even one.

Meanwhile, Cole writes YA and totally cliché contemporary erotica...**facepalm**
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