Keri Lake - The Sandman Duet 2 - Requiem & Reverie

Review :

Requiem and Reverie is the conclusion to Nocturnes and Nightmares. A duet of all things dark and twisted. A slow, sexy burn in romance. A mystery filled thriller that will keep you on your toes from start to finish. I'm going to keep my review short, no spoilers from me.

Keri Lake writes with exhilarating purpose. I did not let out a breath until the last page. I'll be definitely adding The Sandman Duet to my favorites list. These two books have everything I love in my dark books, just the right amount of romance, mystery, suspense, and depravity. An array of emotions, too. This story had me looking over my shoulder, gasping with revelations, and wishing for a delicious anti-hero to corrupt me. All the highs and lows. All the everything. I can't praise enough. It's edge of your seat greatness. I need everyone that loves the gut-punch moments and suspicions to read this. I'm telling you, this book, this duet, hits all the marks.


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