Karen Chance - Cassandra Palmer 7 - Reap the Wind

Review :

Finally we get another book about the insane world that Cassie Palmer lives in! So much goes into these books that I'm not surprised it takes so long to write them but I really could do without the cliffhangers . The last book ( Tempt the Stars) left her friend John Pritkin in dire straits and Cassie is right back doing what she does best, travel back in time and take on any and all who get in her way! She's a tough little cookie having grown up surrounded by vampires and I think it's safe to say that she understands vampires and their politics far more than she does her fellow humans and magic users. Now this time she has the help ( hindrance) of Rosier who as Pritkins dad you would think has his sons interests at heart but never underestimate this wily fellow, no Cassie is well and truly in a pickle and this review is so hard to write without spoilers but I will try my best.
Ok Cassie can time travel , cast spells but never as well as others it often seems, she's stubborn , resourceful and frustrates the hell out of those around her. This instalment was hilarious when Cassie and Rosier popped up in Wales but it's the pathos woven into the story that gets me. Cassie is being challenged from all sides but she has a strong protective urge and we see her at her best. Cassie may appear fragile and weak but she is a survivor and will fight for those she considers hers and let's face it as Pythia , the worlds leading psychic doesn't the whole world in some way belong to her So yes this author makes me smile but she has the reader routing for Cassie and when the action gets going it's unstoppable . It's like a movie playing in the theatre of my mind worthy of any of the best directors out there. Beware though so much is going on that at times the reader is in danger of whip lash!
I waited so long for this book but it was worth it.
I was gifted a copy in exchange for an honest review

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