Karen Chance - Cassandra Palmer 2 - Claimed by Shadow

Review :

This is #2 in the Cassandra Palmer series. Cassandra has inherited clairvoyance from her mother and the ability to talk to ghosts from her father (both deceased). In the last book, she learned that she was destined to become Pythia, the time-traveling chief clairvoyant and protector of the timeline. Cassandra's parents were murdered when she was young and she was raised by vampires, so she is fairly well versed in supernatural politics. In this book, she has escaped all the various factions trying to control her and is on the run, looking for Myra, her rival for Pythia who is trying to kill her, and Tony, the evil bastard vampire who killed her parents and is holding the ghost of her father captive. Along the way, she makes some new allies, discovers that she is under a love/protection spell that is driving her mad, sees some deaths that she doesn't want to have happened, is captured in Farie, officially assumes the mantle of Pythia, cuts a deal with the king of the dark elves, saves the life of her master vampire/love interest several times, and a whole lot of other stuff. This book is non-stop action without a lot of gore, and I love it. There's also some steamy romance, but not so much it interferes with the story. The best part of this series is how smart and politically savy Cassandra is - she often outthinks her opponents, not just beating them up.

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