Karen Chance - Cassandra Palmer 1 - Touch The Dark

Review :

I am surprised by how much I liked this book. Usually, I'm turned off by non-stop action books. I don't like it when the heroine is fighting for her life in every single chapter - give the poor girl a break already! But even though this book fits that profile, I still enjoyed it - a lot!

Basic plot: A clairvoyant young woman named Cassandra was raised in a powerful mafia-type vampire's household from the age of 4. In her teens, she figures out that the vampire (Tony) killed her parents to have control of her. She tries to help the feds take Tony down, but the Feds fail and she excapes for her life. Three years later (at the beginning of the book - the previous stuff was all background), Cassandra is hiding from Tony in Atlanta. Cassandra's powers include the ability to talk to ghosts, which has helped her stay ahead of Tony. Today her luck has run out - Tony is on to her. She's trying to get out of town and also warn her roommate not to go back to their apartment, but the vamp goon squad catches up with her and her roommate, Thomas. They escape, but Cassandra is quickly drug into vampire politics by the vampire senate (not friends of Tony). If seems that Cassandra's powers have just barely begun to unfurl - she's a heck of a lot more powerful than she ever imagined, and the vampires need her help. Unfortunately, there are at least 3 other groups out to kill her. Cassandra just wants out of that world and left alone.

The part that I liked most about this book was the heroine's personality. She is extremely practical and not at all sentimental, which works well given all the political intrigue surounding her. She is compassionate, however. Another funny thing - even though this is a paranormal romance, Cassandra is still technically a virgin at the end of the book. That's a very unusual feat for a romance writer to pull off. The first sex scene wasn't until page 245 of the book, and there were only 2 scenes total by the end. Another aspect of the book I really liked was that it never seems hopeless for the heroine. Odds might be bad, but she's got enough tricks up her sleeves to win or escape just about anything.

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