Karen Chance - Cassandra Palmer 0.6 - The Queen's Witch

Review :

"I am trying to decide whether to kiss you again, or throw you over my knee!"
"Let me know when you make up your mind, " I told him. I thought both had possibilities.

What's better than a fantasy spy story with a great protagonist A story with 2 and that's just what I got here in the second novella featuring coven Elder Gillian Urswick and gentleman spy vampire Kit Marlowe.

Starting only a day or so after the first novella, we find Gillian still on the run from the dreaded Circle, a magical order seeking absolute power in England. There are few, if any, allies Gillian can turn to for help in getting herself and her young daughter safe passage from England. Enter Kit Marlowe with the answer to her prayers.

Separately, these characters are interesting, witty and formidable. Together, they're a powerhouse of sarcasm, stubbornness, intelligence, and palpable chemistry. They work well together, neither character overshadowing the other. Immediately, given what they'd just endured at the prison in the last story, they find a way to work together to achieve their respective goals and in the end they're the better for it.

The Queen's Witch is a short, but inspiring read that is imaginatively packed with history and charming characters that satisfy.

Off to read the next 26 books in this universe!

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