Review :

The trillion dollar conspiracy is completely captivating. As a person who doesn't read many books, I can honestly say this is one of my favorite books I've read in a while. Me being a true history buff, as well as having an affinity for conspiracy theorys I found that this book completely fulfilled that role. I enjoyed feeling like an insider or a man behind the scene of the US government. As you may believe this book definitely focuses on the economics of the US capitalist machine, but also touches upon scary topics as over population and conspiracies to cause mass death through out the world. For me a person who previously didn't know why we had economic collapses and really could have only blamed the president. This book had helped me change my views on our officials and the structure of the government, showing me a point of view that made more sense then the malarkey I was being told before. What I believed to be true before now I find very fictional, for example before I believed the president was the most powerful man when in truth he is just a dummy and is consistently manipulated by his agenda set by his party, controlled by his contributors and an advocate for the plutocratic (a government controlled by wealth, basically who has money has control) government we truly have. So if you are interested in finding out the truth and finding out the real reason why we're in a economic downfall, this is the book for you it is full of information and it will leave you in awe considering the facts that you considered to be true before. This is a great read for any one in high school and up and I believe that this book plays no bias towards demographic. I can't say enough about this book and I plan on reading more by Jim Marrs.

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