Jiddu Krishnamurti THINK ON THESE THINGS

Review :

We all think. We all think a lot. There are myriad of thoughts that pervade the space of our mind. Everyday we confront them and are unable to either understand them or put a stop to them. Is thinking bad No. We are what we believe. And our beliefs come from various sources: conditioning, books, education, experience, philosophies, religion, family values etc. But thinking is able to question them and if we are willing to shed them in the event of realizing their uselessness or take a mighty stand for them in the event of realizing their truth, then clearly thinking is of great help. Now, is it not important to know whether most of the thoughts we spend our time on are worth pondering or not Is it not important to know that outside our so called contented shell of a life, there exists amazing opportunities that makes one feel closes to oneself and life All that should be achieved with the effort of this thing called 'mind'.

This book is Mr.Krishnamurti's one attempt among countless others that urge one to think on certain important aspects of life. Why is it necessary It is necessary so that an individual may lead a beautiful life; so that the mind is ever-young and is in tune with the dynamic truth of life. It is necessary so that one can be poetic, romantic and at the same time be completely alert and watchful to the sheer reality of life. A fearless, a happily discontented and a free individual is what he wants one to be and only that person can be a truly revolutionary.

With such simple language and immeasurable intensity of thought, this book is one of the greatest reads available out there. I shall recommend this book to one and all; to free thinkers it is a sheer delight and to those who think less it shall give their thought processes a new vitality. And thus, it surely paves a path for anyone out there to be more thoughtful, alert and in the process, a more considerate human being. It is one of those books whose purpose shall be served only when one will try to implement even the easiest of things said. And it is more important to know that you really understand what is being said and do not mould that according to your own notions and prejudices. Therefore, read this book with a silent, empty and open mind and you will learn as to so many treasures of the mind that seem lost to us in this whole confusion can be restored. Read it and then try to practice it. Let us try to be awake.

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