Jewell, Lisa - Vince and Joy

Review :

Lisa Jewell is my favorite chick-lit author. She's a London girl and her characters are a bit more eccentric and interesting than most are in this genre. In this one Vince and Joy meet as teengers on summer holiday at a resort with their parents. They're both awkward goth-y teens but they fall madly in love. Then they grow apart, but fate keeps trying to bring them back together as adults in London. I know it sounds really cheesy, but the characters are awesome and there's even a cat that tries to intervene in the story. The cat is smarter than the people. Now isn't that true to life And yes, as you may suspect, the end up living happily ever after, but only after life has dealt them some very realistic hard knocks. I am a romantic fool at heart and I loved this book.

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