Jewell, Lisa - The Truth About Melody Browne

Review :

I loved this, as with many of you on here I too could not put it down and read it in less than 24 hours.

Melody is an ordinary 'dinner lady' with a realistic character, not unlike myself, far from the usual early twenties Irish girl, living in New York, with a handsome successful business man for her love interest blah blah blah, as is the case in many other chick lit's, so it made what in some ways was an unrealistic story into a believable, heart rendering and beautiful account of a lovely little girls struggle to survive a chaotic and at some points terrible childhood.

As a mother this story had me in tears at some points, for example when she overhears her dad and stepmother talking about her future and her dad breaks down while she is sleeping on the nursery floor - any parent would be shouting at the book and struggle to comprehend what they were saying.

I would love for a follow up to this, I would like to know more about her meeting up with ken for a start, and also what happens between her and her adoptive mother, oh, and of course the lovely Ben, this book made me want to hold my children extremely tight and smother them with love, protection and affection.

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