Jewell, Lisa - A Friend of the Family

Review :

This book was a fantastic read! It was completely enjoyable from cover to cover. The author does a great job describing the characters, so that you get a good rounded sense of each one and even wish you were a "friend of [their] family." The quote on the back is a "great summer read." I wouldn't necessarily agree with that... It is a great anytime read, but if anything a "great busy person read," because the chapters are short. You can easily read a chapter before bed, standing in line, waiting for the doctor, or on lunch break, thus keeping you interested and feeling like you're actually progressing through the book.

There is nothing spectacular about the story. There aren't any (major) twists or guess who's. It's just a nice, comforting (even with the slight every-day-drama included) story that you like to have there even if it's not mind blowing.

A definite read!

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