Jennifer Lynn Barnes - (Debutantes 1) Little White Lies

Review :

Reread 2020 so I can continue with the series :) When it comes to creating original and believable characters + plot that will make your head explode - J.L.Barnes is THE ONE. Nobody will ever surpass her and I'm raising the rating to 5 stars because I didn't appreciate the brilliance enough the first time XD

Original review:

Barnes has done it again. When she writes mystery, she writes it good. And her characters are certainly memorable.

First of all, the plot was an interesting one. There are a few chapters from the future, but most of it is from "the present". It was quite fun getting to see how they ended up in that situation and it really surpassed my expectations.

We people generally make assumptions about people and events, sometimes we are right, most of the time, we are wrong. In this case, I was very wrong. I thought these girls are gonna be spoiled, annoying and completely the same. Instead, I got slightly spoiled, sometimes annoying and completely different badass women who know what they want and how to get it. At first, I was a bit skeptical considering they all had similar personalities, but once you pass the first few chapters, you start to see how different they are.

The girls were great and I really did enjoy reading about them. But also, there were A TON of characters. And I'm not that good with names which means that I spend the first half of the book trying to remember who was who and is he related to this one or that one. It was a mess. I'm still not entirely sure who's part of whose family but it doesn't really matter. The girls themselves were such interesting people it was impossible not to like them and be fascinated by them.

The plot twists were amazing. Honestly, I tried to guess what's going on but I missed every time. And that's what Barnes does best - writing surprising twists and making you think you know something but you actually don't.

The ending was a good one and the whole plot took quite a different turn, which I'm glad. I really did enjoy this one and Barnes will forever be one of my fave authors, but still - I can't give it 5 stars, because at times, I was slightly annoyed that we weren't getting any answers and the plot took a slower pace. But besides that, I'm glad I read the book and I'll definitely read the sequel :D

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