Jenn Bennett - Starry Eyes

Review :

i posted an actual review i know, incredible

Without a DOUBT, jenn bennett has now earned herself a place in my top favourite contemporary authors to ever exist bc gosh damn THIS WOMAN CAN WRITE

- So, I've been hardcore slumping for a whiilllleeee and somehow this book saved my entire reading career, amazing
- enemies to lovers trope I am WEAK
- I love love loveD THIS BOOK FROM THE START like not only is the writing sooooo easy to slide into but the plot and adventure and characters and conflict feels so REAL and genuine
- I found my one true love, lennon mackenzie, plz marry me
- My snarky, emo baby I love him sm
- M A P S
- Even the mc was fantastic and relatable and actually smart without being annoying, I just have so much love in my heart for this book aaaaaaa
- The kids in the book GO ON A CAMPING ADVENTURE and it turning into a flaming disaster, you don't wanna miss out
- Its. So. Bloody. Cute. I. Can't. Even. Breathe.
- Also I just wanna talk about how much I LOVE the relationship zorie has with her step mom, theres none of that animosity or any sort of strained feelings but they genuinely love each other so much my heart is bursting
- Its funny and entertaining and engaging and BASICALLY THE PERFECT SUMMER READ WHAT ARE YOU DOING GO READ IT
- Zorie's dad tho, hes a walking trash bin ugh
- The only thing I can complain about is the fact that it ended too soon, I could have read this book forever

"Planning can't save you from everything. Change is inevitable and uncertainty is a given."

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