Jeffrey A

Review :

This was a book my mother recommended to me. She read it several years ago and remembered how good it was. And oh how good it was. This is a great story that is told over about 60 years from Europe to America. Archer tells 2 parallel stories. One about Abel Rosnovki and one about William Kane. The story is so well told and so interesting that I felt torn between the two main characters and their stories. You feel pulled away from one story line when Archer takes you to the next. I enjoyed Archer's historical weave throughout each chapter. Especially the history of Poland and the part it played in both World Wars. Fascinating! Each character is developed from birth by the author and he does an outstanding job of taking you thru their childhood, teenage-school years and then adulthood. So, as a reader, you really get a feel for what they are made of and why they made the decisions they made throughout their life. The stories cross paths through-out the book and the ending is a masterful surprise. I have already mooched the sequel The Prodigal Daughter which I can't wait to read.

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