Jeanine Cummins - American Dirt

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Ok seems like a bunch of privileged 'let me show you how woke I am' white people have decided they can speak for the Latin community. Surprise asshats, I am of Mexican and Native American blood.

This is a work of FICTION. Google it if you don't understand. The author owes you nada. Move on. Get over yourself. Fuck off.

To say that a non Latina has no right to write about Latin issues is absurd. Tell that to all of the writers of WWII fiction. Again with that word fiction.

Any book that shines light on a dark subject is a good thing. Any book that gets people talking about the plight of others is a good thing.

You caucasians leaving comments purporting to speak for people of color is fucking hilarious. Hypocrite much

As for your comments about Crawdads. No I haven't read it (which I stated in my review) but that doesn't make me ignorant of the fact that it was top of the bestsellers list since it's debut. Jfc go read a book.

I've given my last fuck.

Original Review:

No doubt this will be THE book of 2020.

The Where The Crawdads Sing book of 2020.

I've never read Crawdads and I wouldn't have read American Dirt if not so kindly offered the opportunity by the publisher.

This is so far from my usual genre.

Give me a thriller any day.

I want to feel compelled to flip the pages while balancing on the edge of my seat.

I want to lose sleep because I can't put a book down, a heart racing, just one more chapter type of story.


This book was nothing like what I was expecting and everything I could ever hope for.

Cummins has written a gripping and compelling narrative that every American should read. Unfortunately, those that need this message the most will refuse this book out of spite and/or the inability to read.

If that statement offends you, then you are exactly who it is directed towards.

** Thank you Hachette Australia for an ARC in exchange for an honest review. **

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