James Scott Bell Plot & Structure Techniques

Review :

4.75 Stars
I have no words to describe this book. It is one of the best book I ever read. It makes me feel like, "Nobody born a writer, everybody can write". The only thing there is need of Tips, Techniques and Confidence; which this book have.

- In the beginning, this book clears out every lie which we have been hearing since from the beginning of our first day like; "Writing could not be taught, Writers are born."

It tells us the following:
- The meaning of plot and structure.
- How to generate plot ideas.
- How to hook the reader from the first chapter.
- How to make strong; Beginnings, Middle and Endings
- What are the plotting systems available for writers
- Common plot mistakes which nowadays newbie writers make and their cures.

It gives us examples from the famous authors'(mostly Dean Koontz, Stephen King i think ) works. It tells us how other writers do things to make a good novel.

Honestly I like Every bit of this book but there is one thing I think should be less: examples, examples and examples.
It's good this book contains examples but some places there are more examples then topic-related-material.
I think examples should be less because it (sometimes) makes us forget what the topic is really about.

This book is for those who are thinking about writing a book but don't know where to start. This is very good and easy approach to start learning about writing a good and compelling novel.

I hope guys you like my review, if you don't then point out my mistakes in the comment below.

NOTE: The review mentioned above is my personal feelings which I felt while and after reading the book.

Thanks for your attention.

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