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In this story, Ivy and Bean wanted to get the cheese that everyone had, lowfat Belldeloon cheese. But they didn't want it for the cheese, they wanted it for the red wax that covered the cheese. The wax was fun to squish or make a wax mustache or a unicorn horn. But their parents refused to buy them the cheese. So Ivy and Bean decided to think of ways to earn money to buy the cheese. They tried to sell a flying potion, but nobody would drink it because there were flies in the jar. Then they had an idea to write a newspaper, The Flipping Pancake. Bean's dad wanted the girls to earn something, so he purchased a pack of the cheese they wanted, and he told them they'd get their cheese after they finished writing their newspaper. They talked friends and neighbors into pre purchasing a copy of the newspaper. At first, they didn't write much so Bean's dad refused to give them the cheese. Then they went out into the neigborhood and found funny and entertaining stories to write about what they saw their neighbors doing in their homes. Bean's dad laughed so much he gave the girls their cheese. The Flipping Pancake was a success.

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