it's not the how not the what but the who

Review :

I don't just like this book. I love this book.

'Who' decisions are made by each of us at different levels throughout our lives. At home, it is about appointing the helpers and at the country level it is about voting leaders into power.

Mankind continues to learn about Man. Better understanding of Man is what leads to better people decisions.

This book offers very insightful arguments, anecdotes, research and real-life instances that would enhance the quality of our decisions around people.

Wish, this could be the prescribed text book for topics such as Human Resources / Capital.

Thanks to Mekin (Founder of Udhyam Learning Foundation) for recommending this book.

The author end his book with an appeal to its readers to evaluate for potential and not just past. I feel so good that the world is moving beyond the past and respecting and valuing individuals for what they can be rather than what they have been. A seed once, a tree then. So too are people. Let's change our approach.

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