It's All a Game The History of Board Games from Monopoly to Settlers of Catan

Review :

Considering I play "heavy" board games weekly I was predisposed to enjoy this book. What I did not expect was for this to be a fascinating popular culture history book.

It chronicles the creation of ubiquitous things such as crosswords, artificial intelligence and perennial family favourites like Monopoly or Cluedo. The book is not so much about the games themselves as it is about the people who created them and it's unbelievable that most of them struggled to see their works published. I would have liked to read more about the revolution that has been happening in board gaming over the last 15/20 years but the author does dedicate 2 chapters out of 16 to this.
I do have one minor niggle and it's in relation to the structure of the text. The author tries to follow a somewhat academic/informative pattern but the conclusions at the end of each chapter feel somewhat forced. Take this with a grain of salt.

I really enjoyed this book and found myself immersed in these fascinating chronicles of creativity (so much so that it prompted me to write my first review after 8 years of using Goodreads). If you have the slightest interest in pop culture, and even if you are not much of a board gamer, I think you'll end up feeling the same.

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