intuitive thinking as a spiritual path

Review :

If I did not have a serious interest in philosophy (major in college and continued passion), I would have likely rated this with 3-stars and put down the book after finishing about half of it. The first 7 chapters are dense and worth slogging through if you want to watch Steiner eviscerate a multitude of philosophers including Kant, Descartes, Fichte, Schopenhauer and more which in and of itself is entertaining. The second half of the book is where the magic happens and the instruction manual is found. Each chapter in the second half answers the questions posed in the first half. Illuminating the way that he takes our power back rather than relying on the other (external forces, God, society, etc). We not only have the power to perceive/sense/experience but through our intuitive thinking in connection with these perceptions we have the ability to manifest our own destiny. This is the first work I have read by Steiner, but I am pretty sure I am hooked now. It combines some of the ideas of thinkers like Gurdjieff and Crowley and Leibniz in a way that in clear, actionable and empowering.

Recommended for those who are either deeply interested in philosophy or who's intuition says that they have the power within themselves to create the world they want to live in.

As a note, I found a cheat sheet/synopsis that helped me better understand the thoughts/ideas and follow the flow of the book here -

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