Review :

I came across this book while searching for an academic quality up-to-date text on the technologies of the IoT. This is indeed such a text. The authors are or have been associated with the University of Parma in Italy and seem to be leading active research and development initiatives in this area. In this text they review the relevant standards for the interconnection of "things" with the rest of the internet from the physical up to the application layers; discuss interoperability scenarios via the REST paradigm, messaging queues and publish-subscribe concepts, and through sessions; explore discoverability of services and resources offered by "things"; and finally briefly grapple with all aspects of security, including confidentiality, integrity, authenticity, and authorization. The authors conclude the book with a discussion about big-data and big-stream, and how each has its relevance for the IoT; and with a short review of some hardware platforms for smart things, and of some of the most common operating systems for smart things.

However, Bluetooth Smart (Bluetooth Low Energy) is entirely missing from the discussion.

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