Interactive Project Management- Pixels People and Process

Review :

Whoops, this has been on my "reading" list for a couple of years. I knew I'd finished the book, but decided to go back and give it a re-read. Still excellent, still a mainstay on my desk, still a book I buy a bunch of just so I can immediately give it to people when I recommend it.

I am not officially a project manager, but scarcity in higher ed means that I often wind up in a project management role, because we have no "official" PMs. Having a grasp on what that means was tremendous and has had great positive effects on the projects I've worked on.

If you ever work, collaborate, or are around people in any kind of project-based setting (which, I think, is everyone) and you work with the web, this book is a must-read. Even if you don't work with the web, Nancy and Meghan's messages about empathy, listening, and relationships are wonderful.

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