Infinite Powers - Steven Strogatz

Review :

Time spent in the math world is one of the best ones. I am of a strong opinion that the Universe not only talks in the language of math, the Universe is math. Whether math is the langue of the universe, the universe itself, or just a construct that exist only in a human brain, it's the mysterious thing we've been given helping us to reveal many secrets of the universe and making our lifes improved in so many ways and distinquished on this planet.

Steven Strogatz can obviously write a book about math that becomes a page turner, an exelent job when it comes to math related texts. A mathematiacian who can write is worth his weight in gold. I wish I had come across such a book at high school. Several passages were a bit murky, but overall, it was an inpiring read. I've filled some gaps in my math brain and got some new and important insights. Strongly recommend the book to anyone.

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