In Sickness and in Health Love, Disability, and a Quest to Understand the Perils and Pleasures ofInterabled Romance

Review :

This is a topic that comes up frequently enough where I work that I was happy to see a book discussing it. I've worked with people with all the conditions described, but I highly appreciate the way the author makes the medical information understandable and relatable. I learned more about the difference in experience between someone with a congenital disability (e.g. SMA) vs can acquired disability (e.g. SCI), a topic I've only explored a little. I'd be interested to hear a TBI perspective.

The narrative linked the vignettes smoothly, which is rare in this format. I also enjoyed the level and of writing throughout; it's clear the author enjoys writing and is not just writing a book because someone said his experience would make a good story.

I hope this book will find a wide audience among both able-bodied and disabled individuals.

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