In Love With These Times- My Life With Flying Nun Records

Review :

This book was hard to put down. It transported me back to the wonderful 80s in particular; that sense of place and time; going out in freezing smoggy ChCh nights to various - often short-lived - venues to see bands; handmade posters; record shops; chaotic parties; student radio; rough fanzines; NME and Rip It Up; feeling like we existed in a different world to mainstream NZ; music that I loved and still love; the political backdrop of those times. It is a very accessible book and I loved it. I never knew much about Roger Shepherd, and so it was wonderful to get to know a bit about him - it is amazing what he managed to achieve in his understated way and lovely that he got to buy FN back. You really do need to dig out some of the old faves after reading this book, give them a spin (at the right speed) and take yourself back there.

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