Review :

Simply put, TWLOHA saved my life.

When I found out that Jamie was releasing a book, I knew his words would be something I'd take with me for the rest of my days. That's how I feel with every brilliant speech, and quote, and all that he does for this movement. I picked up my copy of If You Feel Too Much after months of waiting and devoured it within only a few hours. I felt every single thought and meaning as told in Jamie's own words. The book itself is beautiful and inspiring, which I knew it would be. I found myself choking back tears all the way through. I've never felt so accepted and understood before in my life until I discovered TWLOHA. After years of holding back my support for fear of people's judgement, I've found that this organization is something I believe in with all my heart. I am proud to be a supporter, and I aspire to be someone as brave and loving as Jamie. He's changing the world every day and this book is a testament of his passion and heart that he so selflessly gives to others. Jamie, along with the TWLOHA movement and supporters, help me stay brave. They make me feel like I can do anything. But more importantly, they make me feel like I can get better. And I have gotten better, so much better. Each day I feel stronger and more hopeful than the day before, and that means everything to me.

If You Feel Too Much is a book I'll be looking back on for years to come. Each page, every word is a reminder of what it means to live. I hope that you can find that, or something like it, when you read it too. Thank you for being you, Jamie. #LoveIsTheMovement

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