if you are so smart why aren't you happy

Review :

Raj Raghunathan does a fantastic job of hitting home on the root causes of our unhappiness. Through the use of interesting and eye-opening case studies backed by rigorous testing and research, 'If You're So Smart, Why Aren't You Happy' is no doubt one of the best science-backed resources to help you start prioritizing happiness released this year.

Each chapter provides VERY practical exercises in combating the 'deadly happiness sins' as Raghunathan likes to call them.

Deadly Happiness Sins:
1. Devaluing Happiness
2. Chasing Superiority
3. Desperation For Love
4. Being Overly Controlling
5. Distrusting Others
6. Passionate/Indifferent Pursuit Of Passion
7. Mind Addiction

This is a book for the shelves and one to pass onto others for sure.
5/5 Fish

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