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This is a lovely book. I know Rose Elliot a little, from the days when I used to edit The Vegetarian magazine and she wrote the cookery pages. I always admired how much she had managed to accomplish in her life, but when I spotted this book in Waterstones, I did feel some surprise that she had turned her talents to this subject. It turns out to be the clearest account of Buddhism I've ever read. The 'plot' is simple, Rose makes her sitting room available for a group of people interested in Buddhism, and a monk comes along every week to give them a talk. I'm not sure the monk is ever named, but he has a real gift for explaining his practice, and Rose a real gift for writing it all down! You feel you are present in that sitting room, seeing it through her eyes as she gradually makes the transition from concerned hostess to eager participant. The book is singularly free from the oriental terms that make some books on Buddhism very hard to follow. This is very much plain English and relating to everyday life.

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