I Found You - Lisa Jewell

Review :

"From the end of the bay came another plaintive call of a peacock".

NO SPOLIERS in this review ....a few plot set-ups....THAT's ALL!

Lisa Jewel has total command of her material interlacing three vivid sets of stories --
that holds our attention--building suspense--to the very last page.

Alice Lake is a single mom. She moved her clan ....Romaine, Kai, Jasmine ( her 3 children each who have a different birth father) .....and her three dogs ( Hero, Sadie, and Grif), to Ridinghouse Bay.
Alice sees a man sitting on the beach for hours and hours. When the rain comes down hard, she brings him a raincoat assuming he is homeless. She's not that far off. The man hasn't a clue where he came from - what his name is -has absolutely no memory of his life whatsoever. Alice has a small shed in the back of her house and invites him to stay. Over a period of months - Alice has given him food to eat, the dogs seem to like him ( so of course he must be a kind man), has taken him shopping at the thrift store for a few clothes, and to the May Company for 'new' underwater and socks. She has also given him the name Frank.
Alice has a best friend named Derry Dynes ( with one son Daniel). She has made it clear to Alice that she doesn't approve of the stranger Alice has brought into her house. Derry's warnings were always in my thoughts also....'knowing' this story could go anywhere.

Lily Monrose is from Ukraine originally. She has only been back 10 days from her honeymoon- in Ukraine- and is now living in a new flat in London with her husband Carl.
Carl doesn't come home from work one day. It's completely against character to everything she experiences about him.... but she admits she has not known him very long and knows very little about his background. Police are investigating his whereabouts. They have discovered there is no person with his name.

In 1993....( twenty something years earlier than Alice's and Lily's mysteries)....
is another fascinating story about a family that was taking their annual summer vacation in Ridinghouse Bay.
The Ross Family consist of the following: Anthony( Tony) and Pam are the parents. Their two children are Gray, (16), and Kristy( 15)
Across the way is a larger estate. Mark Tate is visiting his aunt, Kitty, who owns the large house ---with peacocks, and donkeys. Kitty's husband has recently died, and Mark is keeping her company.
Mark is 19 years old.....He's precocious, talks about being a millionaire, and has the hots for 15 year old Kristy.

I LOVED IT! This book comes out in April 2017

Thank You Atria Books, Netgalley, and Lisa Jewell.

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