I Feel Like Going On Life, Game, and Glory

Review :

If you are a fan of Ray Lewis, just read it!

An autobiography told with a heavily colloquial and authentic voice, strung together as a story just the way you'd think Ray would tell it. You will not find factual dissection and unbiased point of view in this book, this is Ray's book and he fills it cover to cover with his personality. Embellishment, poetry, emotion, it's all in here just the way it should be. From his hard upbringing with an absentee father, to his struggle to erase the records of his father's athletic prowess; from coming to the NFL as a way up and out to the controversial incident in Atlanta, and all the way through the end of a stunning career, this is Ray Lewis's life. The end of the book concludes with discussion of 2015's heated moments over race and the riots in Baltimore, and Ray's actions during that dark time stand in defiance of the challenges he lays out in his story, which is a common theme. I got the feeling that writing it down in this way was cathartic to him, it gets that personal at times (he pulls no punches when it comes to his father, for example.)

I am not generally the autobiography type, but I was given this book as a gift because I grew up with Ray's Ravens (and anyone will tell you he was the heart and soul of the team), and I was absolutely sucked into it, and more than a little inspired to try a little harder to live up to a higher standard in the process.

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