How to Survive and Prosper as an Artist Selling Yourself without Selling Your Soul, 7th Edition

Review :

I read the new version of this book and - wow!

This is a fantastic, hands-on, straight-forward look at business for the artist. It doesn't minimize the importance of connecting to others and selling your work and yourself as an artist to the right people. It also emphasizes the importance of not limiting yourself by location or others' perceived value of your work. I especially liked the real-world advice about hard work being a basic element of success, and how the starving artist is just a myth - unless you WANT to be a starving artist. Which is easy to do. I recommend this to any artists out there who feel they just don't know enough about the business side of things - and want specifics. This book goes into pricing, markups, margins, dealing with art dealers, and all the little things people are too "polite" to fill you in on. Yes - worry your pretty head about these things. And read this book so you'll know what exactly you should be worrying about.

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