How the Nations Rage Rethinking Faith and Politics in a Divided Age

Review :

Across my lifetime, I have been pretty messed up by politics within the church. I've been in churches where the American flag is at the front and patriotic songs are sung during worship and sermons told me to vote Republican or else stand in God's judgment. I've gone to the exact opposite extreme in which I no longer salute the flag and feel like a little crazy anarchist when anyone would ask my political thoughts during the 2016 election. I live in a slight anxiety of condemnation from people who find out my political views are left-leaning.

This book was a breath of fresh air to my politically panicky self.

It discussed how churches are to be embassies of the kingdom of heaven, and how the ideals of justice and mercy should be first played out within the local church. It spoke to how both sides of the political spectrum can have good qualities, but that whenever these qualities replace a focus on God, they become idols. It spoke of how, whatever your political leaning, a follower of Christ must seek the Spirit's guidance to discern which vote is best or what actions should be taken to "love your neighbor, share the gospel, and do justice".

Probably my biggest take away was the call to live graciously with others in your local church, even if they hold diametrically opposing political views. In the embassy of heaven, we are all seeking to serve the King and to live life with a view of eternity and a high view of God.

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